Google Drive

Google Drive quotas now in effect

On June 1, we made several changes to UW–‍Madison Google accounts. These changes are part of the Reshaping the Google Workspace storage project.

  • A 25 GB quota was applied to individual My Drives and shared drives
  • A 0 GB quota was applied to service account My Drives

Note: If your My Drive or shared drive has an approved long-term quota exception, your account remains in good standing. You’ll keep your larger quota.

My account is read-only. What should I do?

If your My Drive or a shared drive you manage is over the 25 GB quota, your account is read-only. The default quota is 25 GB but you can request more storage if needed. Your account will remain read-only until you take action.

To regain full functionality of your My Drive or shared drive, you can do 1 or both of the following:

  • Reduce your storage to under 25 GB, and/or
  • Request more storage

Request more storage

Are you using Google Photos?

If you’re storing files in Google Photos, a non-core app, you need to move your photos and reduce your Google Photos storage to 0 GB before we can process your request for more storage. See this KB article for guidance on managing Google Photos.

Learn more about the My Drive user experience after June 1 and view additional options to address the read-only status.

When will I hear back about my request?

We’re experiencing a high volume of long-term storage quota requests. We will review and respond to requests within approximately 7 business days.

I work with a service account. What should I do?

If your service account has data/files in My Drive, the My Drive is now read-only and has entered the service account lifecycle process, leading to gradual data deletion. You can still move or delete files from the service account’s My Drive. If you have questions, reach out to your domain administrator. They are often more familiar with your domain(s) and are in a better position to answer your questions.

Files that remain in the service account My Drive will be trashed starting August 1. To learn more, see the Service Account My Drive Lifecycle KB article.


The Preparing for Storage Quotas KB has more information including links to helpful resources. Email the project team if you have questions or would like to talk further. To learn more about the project, check out the IT project page.