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Meet the new Microsoft Teams client

Microsoft recently released a new Teams desktop client. The app has been reimagined from the ground up, providing a faster, simpler, more flexible experience.

What’s new in Teams?

Here are a few highlights:

  • The new Teams app installs and loads faster, letting you launch the app and join meetings more quickly.
  • Users can now zoom in and out when sharing their screen.
  • Easily reschedule a meeting by dragging and dropping it into a new time slot on your calendar.
  • Use participant shuffle to randomly assign participants to breakout rooms.
  • Lower memory and disk usage with a Teams app optimized for your device

For a list of which features are changing, see Microsoft’s announcement about what’s changing.

More about the new Microsoft Teams desktop app

Who’s eligible for the new Teams app?

All Microsoft 365 users are eligible for the new Microsoft Teams desktop client.

How do I try it?

Depending on the update channel your client is on, you may have the ability to try the new version of Teams. To enable the new version, slide the “Try the new Teams” toggle located in the upper-left corner of your classic Teams for Windows desktop client, and follow the onscreen instructions. See this KB to find out what version of Teams you’re using.

What if I don’t like the new version?

If you don’t care for the new Teams app, don’t worry-you can toggle the “Try the new Teams” button and switch back to your current experience. Please note that Classic Teams will retire on March 31, 2024. Anyone still using Classic Teams at that time will be automatically updated to the new Teams client.