Renew group reminder for Office 365 and Microsoft Teams

New 30-day expiration process for inactive Office 365 groups and Microsoft teams

Beginning Monday, October 3, 2022, a new expiration process will be implemented for all Office 365 (O365) groups and Microsoft teams. Please note that when we use the word ‘team’ in this message, we’re referring to a team within Microsoft Teams.


The new process states any existing O365 group or Microsoft team that hasn’t had any activity in 365 days will enter a 30-day expiration process. Inactive group or team owners will be notified by email or the Microsoft Teams client (when no email is associated with the group/team) that the group/team will expire in 30 days. The message will include instructions of how to reactivate the group/team with a click. This activity will restart the 365-day clock, moving the group/team back to active status. If no action is taken within the 30-day window, the group/team will expire.

Next steps

If you receive an email or Teams message regarding an inactive group/team and you don’t want it to expire, follow the steps outlined in the message to restore your group/team back to an active status. If you’re okay with it expiring, no action is needed.

If you have not received any communication regarding the new process, you are not the owner of any inactive groups/teams at this time and do not need to take action. However, please note this process is automated so it’s possible you will receive a message in the future.

Why is this happening?

With the increase in usage of O365 groups and Microsoft teams, administrators and users need a way to clean up unused groups/teams. This process can help remove inactive groups/teams from the system and make things cleaner.

Questions or concerns

If you have any questions or concerns, please review the Office 365 – Groups/Teams expiration process KB article or contact the Help Desk.