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Repair Options For Personal Computers And Devices

With the recent Apple vulnerabilities and calls to update the operating systems on Apple devices, it’s perhaps a good time for a reminder about how the Help Desk can—and cannot—provide support for personal devices and computers.

The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) Help Desk Team can help you diagnose hardware issues and provide repair options. The next step depends on whether the computer or device is university-owned or customer-owned.

Is it a university-owned device?

Repairs on university-owned machines will be completed by Graphite (Apple) or Vanguard Computers (Dell), our local partners for hardware repair services. DoIT will facilitate the repair process behind the scenes and either Graphite or Vanguard will reach out to you for repair updates and final payment.

Is it a personal device?

Personal computers in need of hardware repair will be returned to the owner. While we are no longer able to perform repairs on personally-owned devices, we are pleased to be able to save our customers cost and effort by providing a troubleshooting diagnosis. The customer would then take their device to a repair vendor of choice. And if you’re not sure where to go for repairs, we can also get you started with a list of computer repair vendors.

Walk-in and virtual consults available

The Walk-In Help Desk is located at 1210 W. Dayton Street, during Help Desk hours. To request a virtual consultation with a Service Desk agent, please call the Help Desk phone line at 608.264.4357 or email

What about software support on a personal device?

While the Help Desk doesn’t provide hardware/repair support for personal machines and devices, we do support UW–‍Madison licensed IT applications and services on these devices.

For example: We will support installing multi-factor authentication (Duo) on a personally-owned phone. However, installing applications not licensed by UW–‍Madison (such as WhatsApp) or updating the operating system to the latest version is not supported by the Help Desk.

A little background

In 2019, the former DoIT Tech Store closed, shifting how we provide Help Desk and repair services. The closure was the result of an operations assessment by a cross-campus advisory team and work group composed of DoIT staff and campus partners. The teams were tasked with exploring how we can best serve the campus community while being as effective as possible with our resources.

Given the competitive technology retail environment, the teams determined that the old business model wasn’t sustainable, and the university would be best served through a reconfiguration of our services. These changes were announced in May 2019.