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UW–Madison Zoom Implementation Roadmap, Oct 22 Update

The UW–Madison Zoom implementation team at DoIT, with support of the Zoom advisory group, is working as quickly as possible to deploy Zoom for the University. We are focused on delivering essential features first and then rolling out additional features in an orderly and efficient manner. We enabled Zoom for everyone before the start of the Fall semester with a full feature set and basic support. The early release of Zoom is best for early adopters and those with prior Zoom experience.

Instead of publishing a fixed release schedule, we are relying on real time feedback from the user community and our Zoom Advisory Board to focus on what is most important. We will update and publish this roadmap weekly. Please visit the Zoom Implementation Project website for additional information.

Done – These activities and features were completed since the last roadmap was published:

  • Optimized single sign-on process to better align with Zoom eligibility.
  • Kicked off the communication campaign to netid@wisc.edu account holders using a personal Zoom account.
  • Finished the initial round of requirements gathering for Zoom units who need to comply with HIPAA.

Now – These are the activities and features we are working on now:

  • Personal account and service account migrations to the UW–Madison instance of Zoom.
  • Individuals using a personal account with a netid@wisc.edu email address are being asked to migrate to UW–Madison Zoom or change the email address on their personal account. Over 20,000 personal accounts use netid@wisc.edu email accounts.

Graph of eligible UW-Madison accounts adopting the UW-Madison Zoom service over time.

  • Outreach to Zoom paid consumer account owners with more than one member to initiate migrations.
  • Analyze Zoom HIPAA requirements gathered from campus colleagues.
  • Documentation updates to support the DoIT Help Desk and to facilitate faster response times to customer requests.
  • Expanding the KB documentation available to campus.

Next – These are the activities and features we plan to work on next:

  • Add @wisc.edu as a managed domain to UW–Madison Zoom. With this change, all Zoom accounts with an @wisc.edu email address will be allowed to consolidate into UW–Madison Zoom.
  • Address requirements for Zoom users who need to comply with HIPAA.
  • Integration with Canvas.
  • Expand Zoom training offerings to campus.

Later – These are activities, features, and requests that are being explored and are potential candidates for working on next. These are in no particular order.

  • Authentication profile to restrict meeting access to users within our domain only.
  • Live transcription service to display transcript on the side panel in-meeting.
  • Integration with third party captioning and transcription services.
  • Custom reports for group administrators.
  • Enhanced auditing.
  • Provide the ability for domain administrators to enable Zoom for a service account and then authorize individuals to log in.
  • Develop roles for support staff in Zoom.
  • Explore impact of sub-domains in UW–Madison Zoom.
  • Facilitate a UW–Madison Zoom User Group for campus.
  • Explore Kaltura integration capability for Zoom recordings.

Zoom Advisory Group – Decisions by the Zoom Advisory Group impacting the Zoom service.

August 27, 2020 Zoom Advisory Group meeting – Implement Zoom before the start of Fall semester – The Zoom Advisory Group supports moving forward with the Zoom implementation to provide the service to campus before the Fall semester, if possible. Service support, training, and additional enhancements can occur throughout the semester.

September 23, 2020 Zoom Advisory Group meeting – Ability to set personal pronouns and change display name – Zoom has experienced many Zoom-bombing incidents in which the attacker will rename themselves to include profanity or hate speech in the display name. In the interest of maintaining a safe Zoom environment for UW–Madison, the decision was made not to allow individuals to set personal pronouns or change display names. Preferred name is available to the UW–Madison community to set a preferred name, which is then used by multiple services. DoIT is working toward an enterprise-wide, secure solution that will allow individuals to add preferred pronouns in multiple cloud-based tools, including Zoom.