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Update Webex Meetings to Webex App

Beginning Friday, August 12, 2022, the original Webex Meetings desktop app will be replaced with the Webex App.

What to expect

  • On the morning of Friday, August 12, Webex users will see a message appear at the top of their Webex Meetings desktop app saying “Webex Meetings is updating to the new Webex App” with an ‘update now’ message. Once users select ‘update now,’ the update process will begin.
  • If the Webex App is already installed on the device when the update process takes place, the Webex App will not be reinstalled. However, the Webex Meetings App will still be uninstalled.
  • If users never click the ‘update now’ button, the update process will begin the next time the Webex Meetings app is opened or the computer is rebooted.

During the update process

  • The Webex App will be installed, and the Webex Meetings app will be uninstalled.
  • Preferences from the Webex Meetings App will be carried over to the Webex App.
  • The user’s Webex site configured in Webex Meetings app will be moved over to Webex App as the user’s preferred site.
  • At the end of the update process, users will be automatically signed into the Webex App.

Post update notes

  • As part of the Webex App update process, the desktop version of the Webex Meetings App will be automatically uninstalled from the machine for Windows users and Mac users with administrator privilege.
  • For standard Mac users without administrator access, an IT admin can uninstall the Webex Meetings App from the machine on their behalf. Cisco provides a tool for IT admins to remove the Webex Meetings App completely.
  • For more information on removing the Webex Meetings App from a Mac, refer to the following webpage: How do I uninstall Webex software on a Mac?

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If you have questions or concerns, please contact Webex Support.