WiscList Migration

WiscList Main migration button live; all email lists will be moved by Dec 21

The application that runs the WiscList service will soon be decommissioned, so DoIT has announced the migration of our WiscList email distribution lists to other existing services. Beginning June 1, when list administrators log in and look at your individual distribution lists, you will see a prompt inviting you to migrate your lists from WiscList Main to Google Groups. 

  • If a distribution list is 3,000 members or less, you can easily migrate to Google Groups by pressing the migration button. The button enables a seamless transition for these lists to a new, modern service, while preserving your preferred security and list settings in the new software. This process takes about two minutes per list, and once migrated, the list is fully functional in Google Groups in about 10 minutes.
  • If a distribution list is over 3,000 members, please email us to set up a time for us to help with your migration to a new service.
  • If an administrator has many email distribution lists and does not want to migrate them manually, the WiscList team can arrange a batch migration of all their lists.

The option to migrate an email list to Office 365 is also available, however we anticipate most administrators will choose Google Groups because it shares most of the features available in WiscList. If you want additional help deciding which service to use, this simple quiz will help you determine which option better fits your needs.

What action is required now?

This migration process is available on June 1, but email list administrators do not have to migrate immediately. We recognize that communicators across campus are operating under unusual conditions and want to provide ample notification to manage this process on a reasonable timeline for you. The WiscList migration team will offer regular reminders to WiscList list administrators until the migration process is complete across the university in December.

When it’s time to migrate

If you share list administration duties with others, please discuss your migration plans with them before you decide to migrate.

Once you’ve migrated your lists to Google Groups:

  • Get started with Google Groups
  • Your original @lists.wisc.edu group will now forward to @g-groups.wisc.edu. The original group email address will continue to receive email and will automatically forward those messages to your new Google Group.

We will issue regular reminders to list admins who have not yet migrated their lists up through December 21, 2020

The WiscList email list service consists of several service offerings that will also be migrated during 2020, including Custom, ClassLists, Advisor Lists, and List Library, which will be migrated automatically to Google Groups. For lists using marketing features, contact the Eloqua team to discuss the process for migrating your list. DoIT Communications will continue to update the UWMadison community on the WiscList migration as news is available.

If you have questions about this process, please refer to the WiscList Migration Project website and work with your department’s IT staff, or contact the Help Desk for more support.