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Email lists

DoIT’s WiscList offers a suite of email list services to meet your email distribution list needs.

WiscList, WiscList Custom and Mass Email services are available to students, faculty, staff, researchers and departments. Students must be a member of a registered student organization (RSO) to use this service. Classlist and Advisorlist are available to faculty only.

Note: A project is underway to replace WiscList. Migration is planned for 2020. View the migration plan for each WiscList service.


  • Access to UW student and employee data to drive your email lists
  • Share your list with others, use it as a discussion forum, or open it up to the public
  • Supported by the DoIT Help Desk 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Powerful and secure list distribution software
  • Target your audiences to drive traffic and optimize your marketing
  • Give your messages a personalized touch to convert your emails into click-throughs
  • Control your email campaigns with features like scheduling and reporting to get the most out of your mailings
  • Use a Personal Digital Certificate to help prevent fraudulent mass email messages

Getting started

Need help deciding which email list you should migrate to? View the following resources to learn more:

Not ready to migrate away from WiscList? Continue to learn about each WiscList service below:

Terms of use


  • WiscList: Best for creating and maintaining your own email distribution lists.
    • Free
    • Easy-to-use, self-service interface
  • WiscList Custom: Best for messages that are regularly sent to a specific audience (i.e., all English majors or female staff)
    • Target your messages to a specific audience
    • Lists automatically updated each day to reflect the targeted demographic or student enrollment
    • Easily add guest members to your list
  • Mass Email: Best for messages promoting a one-time event or message to a highly targeted audience.
    • Takes the guess work out of mass mailings
    • Describe your targeted demographic and we pull the data for you
    • Send us the content you want to send out and we do the rest for you
    • Pricing based on number of messages sent
  • Classlist and Advisorlist: Best for faculty and advisors who want to communicate with their students.
    • Free
    • Automatically updated several times each day
  • See the full feature list.


  • WiscList, WiscList Custom, Classlist, and Advisorlist are free to use.
  • Mass Email prices are based on the features selected and the number of recipients of each mailing.  See Mass Email – Features and Pricing for pricing details.

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