University of Wisconsin–Madison

Email marketing

UW units often wish to communicate with their audiences using the latest channels and methods. These include HTML (designed) emails, social media and web news content, sent to unique lists, with analytics on audience receipt and engagement. DoIT Communications can develop and help implement a variety of email marketing services to reach audiences with a specific, branded message. Services include:

  • HTML email template design and development
  • E-marketing strategy consulting
  • E-marketing application/service assessment and training
  • Analytics
  • E-marketing content creation
  • E-marketing sending and reporting
  • Access to department or UW faculty, staff and student lists


  • Clear, effective digital communication with specific audiences

Getting started

Contact DoIT Communications for a time and cost estimate.


Initial consultation is free. Projects are billed at an hourly rate. Time and cost quotes are provided for each project prior to starting work.

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