Enterprise desktop support

Last updated on June 24, 2022

This service provides flexible, reliable, cost-effective, high-quality enterprise technology support. This service assists with technical support and provides management and security of end-user devices, applications, and related technology.

Technical support includes diagnosing and resolving issues with hardware, operating systems, and software.

Management includes specifying, installing, inventorying, and decommissioning computers and peripherals within established standards, guidelines, and policies.

Security includes planning, implementing, securing, and maintaining in-scope endpoints in compliance with the UW-Madison cybersecurity policies and best practices.


  • Expand your IT support availability by having access to our pool of qualified IT professionals with expertise in multiple technology disciplines. An IT professional is available anytime you need them.
  • Offload compliance responsibilities for UWSA policies such as Asset Reporting and Endpoint Management. The Desktop Support team will handle this for you.
  • Redirect your staff time to focus on valuable business functions instead of providing technical support and routine IT system administration functions.
  • Reduce your technology downtime to enable higher productivity with service level targets designed to address problems quickly.
  • Get maximum coverage and lower IT project completion time with our pool of highly skilled staff.
  • Reduce your cyber risk through adherence to IT policies and best practices. DoIT technicians have the experience and expertise to secure your systems and protect your data.


  • Terms and requirements are outlined in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Departmental Support provides quarterly updates showing a snapshot of support requests by type, hardware replacement recommendations and financials.

Getting started

New Customer Consultation


  • Fully managed desktops, networks, computer lifecycles, policy compliance activities, and security tools using an annual MOU which is billed at a consistent rate on a monthly basis
  • Same as above only billed as time and materials (T&M). Your monthly bill will vary month to month based on how much support is requested
  • Backup support for your existing IT staff. This will require a discovery exercise allowing DoIT to properly document and understand the systems we are asked to support. Discovery work is performed on a T&M basis


Pricing is based on the size of the environment and the services chosen. DoIT Departmental Support charges based on an hourly rate of $74 per hour.  

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