University of Wisconsin–Madison


UW-Madison provides no-charge software through our Campus Software Library.


  • Get site-licensed productivity, research, and utility software
  • Protect your computing devices with easily downloadable anti-virus software


  • NetID
  • Active Wiscard


  • Campus Software Library (login required)
    • The Campus Software Library provides no-charge access to security, productivity, research, and utility software. Installation and use restrictions vary by product.
  • Office 365 (login required)
    • Office 365 is a suite of web-based tools hosted by Microsoft. In addition to email and calendaring features, Office 365 provides multiple online applications such as OneDrive, the Office Suite and additional productivity tools.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (login required)
    • Creative Cloud is Adobe's suite of software for graphic design, image and video editing, and web development, along with a set of mobile applications and cloud services. (Currently employed faculty and staff, plus students through 7/6/2020.)
  • For additional information about the software available at UW-Madison, please contact the software licensing team.

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