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Last updated on February 22, 2024

Shared Drive provides flexible, highly available file storage systems to store and share files on campus. Your data, which is saved in files and folders, is presented to both the system storing it and the system retrieving it in the same way. This service allows you to connect your clients to a central storage pool with minimal configuration and no need to maintain your own equipment.


  • Your data is secure: End-to-end encryption available via SMBv3 encryption and encryption at rest technology.
  • Easy to share with anyone on campus through the Campus Active Directory
  • Easy to access, organize and manage your department's data in a single online location
  • Remote access is available from anywhere using WiscVPN
  • Services are accessible on Windows, Macintosh and Unix systems using common file level protocols such as SMB/CIFS and NFS
  • File Protocol access allows for the shares to be dynamically re-sized and re-allocated with minimal to no intervention required on the client side.
  • Highly scalable architecture that can be scaled quickly and easily
  • Permissions are controlled by you and can be set on a folder by folder basis
  • File storage systems are integrated with Campus Active Directory and Bucky Backup
  • File restores are available using snapshots
  • Restricted Drive available to host restricted data (see requirements).
  • Built-in data protection. Automatic snapshots and replication protect your data from threats like ransomware and accidental deletion as well as disasters like fire or flooding.
  • Active ransomware detction software finds ransomware and alerts the Cybersecurity Operations Center.


  • A valid DoIT Number
  • May require a “local” IT admin for storage management
  • Must be a UW–‍Madison department and/or employee
  • A Campus Active Directory account will usually be required to manage permissions for our SMB/CIFS file storage services
  • NetID is needed to access the storage
  • Additional security controls are required to store restricted data like HIPAA or CUI in Shared Drive. Restricted data may only be stored, with approval, in specific folders that have access managed by authorized data administrators. In addition, workstations used to access and store PHI must meet specific security guidelines.

Getting started

Contact us to get started! We will consult with you on all your file storage needs.


  • Several platforms exist under the DoIT “Shared Drive” service. We will discuss your requirements with you and work with your IT administrator/s to determine which platform is appropriate for your storage needs.


Option FY23 Price FY24 Price
Scale-Out high density storage $0.20 per GB per year $0.12 per GB per year

Note: Billing is based on the price/GB/year. We will bill your DoIT Number monthly based on your usage.

Available to

  • Departments
  • Faculty
  • Researchers
  • Staff

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