University of Wisconsin–Madison
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Experts needed for requirements review in UW System Survey Tool Selection

In late September, UW System launched a project to re-compete the contract for the Hosted Survey Service, which is currently licensed with Qualtrics. UW–Madison uses Qualtrics under the UW System contract. The RFP is necessary to address survey requirements that have emerged over the last ten years, as well as to update the license agreement to better reflect UW System and campuses use of survey tools.

The RFP will establish procurement authority that may have multiple vendor awards in several categories. Our primary focus will be on an enterprise survey tool for the following groups:

  1. General academic users, including institutional researchers;
  2. Power users with large amounts of existing research and survey data;
  3. Partnerships with non-academic entity users for university related work such as business incubators, charter schools, community health clinics, federal government, etc.

Although the RFP is still in the requirements gathering phase, we are close to completing the work. You may recall that we elicited requirements from across the campus in 2018. UW System paused that effort then, and now we’ve been asked to finalize those requirements.

What action is required now?

No action is required at the moment.

Actionable information about how to participate in the project is forthcoming. We will ask departments to identify survey Subject Matter Experts, whom we’ll ask to validate the survey tool requirements. We will complete the requirements validation work by the end of October.

How do I find out more?

For inquiries about this project, please email us at