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Engage eText: Order for spring semester by Dec 1

Engage provides integrated access to publisher eTexts via Canvas, as well as access to other publisher-provided tools and resources—typically at a fraction of the print cost.

Students saved over $1.6 million over the print price on digital materials in the spring 2023 semester. Total savings for students have exceeded $12 million since the pilot was introduced in spring 2018. The cost of the digital materials is bundled with students’ tuition bills, so fees can be covered by financial aid.

Ordering period for spring semester: Sep 25 to Dec 1

Instructors and course coordinators (curricular reps) can order eTexts and publisher digital learning tools (DLTs) through the Order Tool during designated ordering periods.

Ordering periods typically occur the semester prior. The spring 2024 semester’s ordering period will run from September 25 to December 1, 2023. More information about ordering through Engage can be found in the Learn@UW KnowledgeBase document for ordering through Engage.

Instructors and course coordinators can edit their email subscription preferences to this Learn@UW list to be kept informed of important dates, deadlines and information pertaining to Engage.

Benefits for instructors

While lowering costs for course materials and offering immediate access for students, Engage also offers instructors increased opportunities to support student success through innovative features:

  • Students can search, annotate and mark digital course materials within the text, and share notes within the collaboration feature. Instructors can then see which passages students highlight or struggle with, and can then identify content that may need more review in class.
  • Any notes you create in the eText will follow you across semesters, so you won’t need to recreate them or export and then import them.
  • eTexts can be accessed offline if needed, and pages can be bookmarked.
  • Instructors can view analytics, which provides information on how much students have read.

To read more about Engage, including key features, please review this Engage page and/or the Engage FAQ. You can also reach out to the Learn@UW Support team to learn more or request a consultation.