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New contact information for Departmental Tech Support contract partners

We are pleased to announce that as of April 19, the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) and Administrative Information Management Services (AIMS) are officially unifying points of contact for all contract partners now under the DoIT umbrella.

This comes as we approach 2 years as a combined organization, diligently working to unify services and teams, and blending the best of both teams. At the same time, we are working to ensure a seamless experience for contract partners who currently contract with either AIMS or DoIT to receive end-to-end IT support. Contract partners will be served under the DoIT umbrella by contacting Departmental Tech Support, as of April 19.

DoIT Departmental Tech Support

  • Service hours: 7am – 6pm Monday-Friday
  • Online portal:
  • Phone: 608-265-6900
  • Email:
  • Chat:; Regarding: Contract Partner Support
  • After hours: Support available for urgent requests. Submit requests via email or the online portal for next business day needs. Contact us via phone for all urgent matters outside of service hours.

Also see the downloadable Contract Partner Quick Reference Guide for a handy reference.


Bringing large providers of technology services together allows the university to move towards a more comprehensive approach for evolving information technology needs and services. It also allows the university to optimize the delivery of essential IT services, minimize security risks, control growth and proliferation of competing services, and align with the Administrative Transformation Program (ATP) strategies.

Unification goals

In order to achieve the unification, there are a number of goals we established and have been working towards. A few of those goals are:

  • Create a single point of contact for all supported partners
  • Leverage the best of both organizations in order to maximize the value to partners and the organization
  • Maintain or improve service levels

Leveraging the best of both organizations

As noted above, one of our goals has been to make sure we’re leveraging the best of both organizations as we unify. Through collaborative work among project teams, we have been doing just that. Specifically related to how our contract partners contact us, we have retained DoIT’s service hours, email address and chat. We have adopted the AIMS phone number for contract partner use and completely recreated their robust online portal, where individuals can submit specific support requests based on their needs.

Behind the scenes, we’re moving all staff into DoIT’s ITSM system and moving towards adopting the AIMS approach to knowledge management for contract partner support – specifically moving towards the Knowledge Centered Service (KCS) methodology.

Stay informed

To help you stay up-to-date on further details related to the transition, we published an AIMS Transition project page. There you will find a regularly updated roadmap with current, completed, and future project activities.

Please share any questions or concerns by filling out this feedback form. We will review and respond to questions during our transition team’s weekly meetings.