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UW IT Connects recognizes that people are the highest value of a successful information and technology enterprise. Sponsored by the Office of the CIO and Vice Provost of Information Technology in partnership with campus affiliates, UW IT Connects addresses areas of professional development and networking by creating events and programming to enable a diverse set of opportunities for the community to engage.

Why UW IT Connects?

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UW IT Connects serves campus IT professionals by

  • Developing leadership skills
  • Promoting individual career growth
  • Fostering an environment of leadership
  • Building relationships across campus
  • Facilitating information-sharing among peers


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UW Women+ in IT (UW WIT)

Advocates for the recruitment, retention and advancement of women in the field of Information Technology.

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Leadership Improv

Learn and practice improvisational skills that help tackle difficult situations in a technology leader’s daily work.

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IT Leadership Program (ITLP)

Professional development program enhancing senior staff through opportunities, perspectives, and relationships.


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UW IT Mentoring

Pairs new or current employees with experienced peers who have skills & knowledge relevant to the mentee’s needs.

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Computer Lab Administrators Community (CLAC)

Connects computer lab administrators across campus to share best practices, find efficiencies and commonalities.

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UW IT Professionals

UW–Madison’s grassroots IT organization for collaborating and sharing resources. Programming and training for faculty, staff, students.


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Information & Technology Leadership Conference

Join other information and technology professionals each year at UW‑Madison’s Union South.

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IT Professionals Conference

Forge meaningful connections among campus IT staff around timely topics. Organized by campus IT professionals for campus IT professionals.

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ITLP Forward

Supports incoming ITLP cohorts with activities that answer common questions, engage in program work and reinforce ITLP goals.

More Ways to Connect, Learn, and Lead

IT Communities of Practice and User Groups

  • Agile – A group for professionals who want to improve skills, expand minds, and continuously raise the day-to-day effectiveness and satisfaction of teams across campus.
  • Data Wonks – A space for individuals who work with data and technology at UW-Madison.
  • DevSecOps – A group for people interested in DevSecOps in the UW-Madison Community.
  • Distributed Developers – This is a space for Distributed Developers across campus to chat and collaborate.
  • PowerApps User Group – This group is for collaborating and community building around MS PowerApps.
  • Microsoft Teams User Group – This space empowers Teams users to openly discuss their use cases, questions, problems, innovations, and more.
  • Sharepoint Power Users – This space is for community building, collaboration, and questions around MS Sharepoint.
  • UW-Carpentries – The Carpentries is an international organization dedicated to teaching data and computational skills to researchers. At UW-Madison, we have a local Carpentries instructor community that meets regularly to improve our teaching skills.
  • WebEx User Group – This group is for users to discuss questions, ideas, problems and updates
  • WordPress Users – This is a space for WordPress admins and editors to share their experiences, offer guidance, and ask questions of the larger group.

Do you have an IT Community of Practice (IT CoP) that you would like added to this list?  Please email IT Connects!

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