IT Professionals Steering Committee

The IT Professionals Steering Committee is a volunteer group of information technology employees from across the UW–Madison campus. Since 2017, the committee has worked to foster community, create opportunities and share resources to benefit UW’s IT community.
As UW–Madison IT professionals, we value the high-quality services and support we provide to the faculty, staff and students of the Universities of Wisconsin and beyond. We also recognize that having a shared set of resources helps us better serve the greater university community.

About us

Our vision is to foster an inclusive IT community that will advocate, elevate and tailor guides and best practices and other resources for all IT Professionals at UW–Madison.

The IT Professionals Steering Committee continually strives to create and share relevant and necessary opportunities and resources for the campuswide IT community. We foster community by providing networking and collaboration opportunities. We advocate for IT professionals and promote their successes to make our work more widely understood and appreciated. We establish partnerships and outreach to other IT and non-IT organizations on campus to further our mission.

Our committee is responsible for maintaining the Resource guide for new IT staff and the Guidelines, Best Practices & Advice for UW–Madison IT Professionals resource pages. We also sponsor the I&T Coffee Connections program.

Help us reach our goals

  • Networking: Encourage and facilitate relationship building and connections with everyone working in the information and technology fields at UW–Madison.
  • Collaboration: Provide opportunities for IT staff to share skills and knowledge on common procedures and projects and to collaborate with other IT and non-IT staff.
  • Community: Work with other IT Connects groups to promote an inclusive community across campus.
  • Onboarding: Help new IT staff understand the UW–Madison IT landscape and begin to utilize the community of IT Professionals on campus to share our knowledge.
  • Showcasing: Spotlight innovative IT work on campus
  • Modeling: Present best IT practices and apply them throughout campus.
  • Advocating: Present the IT work done across campus to non-IT audiences so they might understand the vital role that IT staff play. 

Interested in silo busting and community building?

Email the IT Professionals Steering Committee



Dexter Fierro, John Graham, Jim Helwig, Scott Winger


Daren Belden, Chris Banaszak, Cameron Cook, Jason Erdmann, Manda Johnson, Todd Schwanke, Todd Shechter