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ITLP Forward

Nomination – ITLP selection review committee

ITLP Forward supports the cohort selection review committee for IT Leadership programs. The ITLP Nomination Team Coordinator, a member of the Forward steering committee, chairs the selection committee. The selection committee evaluates program candidates based on the quality of their nominations and the quality of their candidate responses. The review committee provides cohort recommendations to the CIO for approval and communicates the selection status to all nominees.

Participation – Current ITLP cohort success

ITLP Forward works to ensure that the current ITLP cohorts have a successful experience before, during, and after the program.

Engagement – ITLP alumni engagement

ITLP Forward maintains the list of UW–‍Madison ITLP alumni and participates in co-sponsored events to provide ongoing networking and engagement opportunities. ITLP alumni come from schools, colleges, and divisions across campus. Alumni are encouraged to share their expertise and experience with the current cohorts.

“The ITLP program helped me with a framework of what leaders do. It helped me redevelop my relationships into something that I can use to make my work better and make my workplace better.”

Sara Nagreen – 2017 ITLP Graduate

Meeting structure

ITLP Forward organizes regular activities that engage ITLP participants throughout their formal program and prepares them to step-up and lead on campus. Programming and activities include a Launch Lunch meeting for the new cohorts, orientation program, applied learning sessions, and UW IT-Connects sponsored activities to promote logistics management, leadership techniques, peer coaching and mentorship.

Steering team

  • Chris Poser (DoIT), Co-lead
  • Amy Diestler (School of Medicine & Public Health), Co-lead
  • Sara Tate-Pederson (Engineering), Ex officio
  • Cameron Cook (General Library System), Ex officio 
  • Jason Erdmann (School of Education), ITLP Nomination Team Coordinator
  • Manda Johnson (Engineering), Project Manager
  • Laura Grady (DoIT), Leadership Community Coordinator/Facilitator
  • Chris Last (DoIT), Local Learning Coordinator
  • Jay Ray (General Library System), Local Learning Coordinator

IT Connects sponsor

Sabrina Messer, Initiatives Lead, Administration Innovation & Planning, VCFA

For more information

If you are an ITLP graduate who is interested in playing a leading role in influencing staff going through the ITLP program, contact the steering committee by emailing Chris Poser and Amy Diestler.