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Training for IT Professionals

Development programs and classes, both online and in-person.

Guidelines for Purchasing IT

For purchasing outside of DoIT, refer to the general UW-Madison purchasing guidelines.

Within DoIT, departmental purchases can be made several ways:

  • DoIT Numbers: Make your purchases using a single number assigned to account-specific funding information.
  • Funding strings: Account-specific numbers that can be used if a DoIT number is not an option. For information, contact DoIT Billing.
  • Purchase orders for non UW-Madison departments, state agencies or other entities can be sent to: DoIT Billing, 1210 W. Dayton Street, Madison, WI 53706.
  • Purchasing Cards (ProCards): VISA cards assigned to a UW employee and tied to University funding.

Approved IT Vendors





You can also search existing contracts at Campus Purchasing

User Groups

The UW-Madison IT community has formed numerous user groups and special interest groups based on shared technology interests.