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New UW–Madison Zoom Requirements: How To Prepare

Effective January 11, 2022, all UW–Madison Zoom accounts will be required to use a minimum Zoom desktop or mobile application version of 5.6.3 or later. The Zoom web application will not be impacted. 

Individuals attending a Zoom meeting hosted by a UW–Madison Zoom account will also be required to use the minimum version 5.6.3 or later. This requirement is in line with industry best practices and ensures those using UW–Madison Zoom have access to the latest Zoom features and privacy/security enhancements. (Read more about the reasons for the change here.)

Do you have the right version?

Here’s how to find out if the version of UW–Madison Zoom you’re using meets the new minimum requirement:

    • Check your Zoom desktop or mobile application version.
    • Update your Zoom desktop or mobile application version if you are not using version 5.6.3 or later.
      • Note: Individuals requiring administrative permission to install the update will need to contact their IT department for further assistance.

Prepare for Zoom meetings

  • Learn how to test your Zoom desktop or mobile application version before starting or joining a UW–Madison Zoom hosted meeting.
  • Share the Zoom test room link with attendees ahead of your meeting so they can ensure a smooth experience.

As Zoom releases new versions of their application, we will continuously adjust the minimum version from 5.6.3 to a version that addresses security vulnerabilities. Announcements will be made in the TechNews newsletter and the Zoom KnowledgeBase news section when the minimum version is modified.

Check out some new features

When you’re presenting in Zoom, do you ever wish you could give someone else control of your slides, so you don’t have to keep asking someone to advance the slides while you present? Now you can! Learn more about this and other new UW–Madison Zoom features, including advanced polling.

—UW–Madison Zoom team