University of Wisconsin–Madison

Equipment checkout

Laptops and other equipment, including iPads, still cameras, video cameras and audio recorders, can be checked out on a short-term basis at a variety of campus locations. There is no cost to check out equipment and most items are available for three days at a time.

For more long-term needs, faculty, staff and students can rent equipment from DoIT.


Equipment checkout locations  at 20 sites around campus


  • Free: three-day checkout
  • Multiple checkout locations across campus
  • Equipment usually available with little to no waiting
  • Laptops, iPads, still and video cameras, projectors and digital audio recorders
  • Laptops preloaded with productivity software
  • Mobile app option to check equipment availability at checkout locations


  • Must be a UW-Madison student, faculty or staff member with a valid UW-Madison ID

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