University of Wisconsin–Madison

Printing for Students

To assist in minimizing the spread of COVID-19 on the UW-Madison campus, general access printing is currently limited.

Printing in InfoLabs at College Library and Memorial Library are available for anyone with a Wiscard.

Make an appointment to use a designated computer in an InfoLab, including access to black & white printing, color printing, and scanners. Wiscard required.

Book a Computer Lab appointment

Print / Scan appointments are available at the Business Library, College Library, Memorial Library, and Steenbock Library.

Make an appointment for a brief visit for the purpose of black & white printing, scanning, or photocopying materials. Wiscard required.

Book a printing/scanning appointment

Printing appointments are available at Student Print.

Student Print offers 15-minute appointments throughout the day

Wēpa print kiosks are available in a handful of campus locations.

UW-Madison is piloting the use of Wepa printing kiosks.  Wēpa printing kiosks offer zero-touch printing options for personal devices, and also have integrations with UW-Madison cloud storage providers such as Google Drive and Box.  Wēpa printing kiosks are available in the following locations:

  • Computer Science Building (W. Dayton Street lobby)
  • Union South 2nd Floor (in the InfoLabs space)
  • Sellery Hall (only available to current residents)

Alternatives to printing on campus

In many cases, you can upload documents electronically in Canvas, or share via Google docs or email. Please check with your instructor and consider alternative approaches for note-taking, studying, and document sharing.

For non-course related printing needs, FedExUPS, and Insty-Prints (Monona) stores offer printing services. We recommend you call the locations to determine if they are still open and offering printing.


Printing costs vary by location. Pricing in the general access computer labs and most UW libraries is as follows:

Option Price
Black & white printing 7 cents per page
Color printing 60 cents per page

Available to