University of Wisconsin–Madison

Web development services

DoIT provides a full range of web development services for schools, divisions, initiatives, projects and events across campus.

Project scope includes design, development, production, migration and support for simple communications sites, content-rich school and division sites, and complex database-driven sites. We take on projects starting from scratch and projects migrating existing sites to WordPress, ASP.NET and other platforms. See below for details and examples.


  • Best practices and personal consultation with web design and application development experts
  • Professional, experienced technical staff capable of providing ongoing support
  • UW ownership of software and protection of intellectual property rights
  • Experience collaborating with faculty, researchers, staff and other subject matter experts to visualize their projects
  • A complement of affordable services similar to those available in the market, right here on campus, with understanding of the UW brand and image
  • Requirements gathering, testing, implementation, and long-term support
  • Guidance and help with hosting and security decisions


  • DoIT's focus is supporting UW-Madison needs. Services may be extended to UW System, UW Extension, UW Colleges, and the state, depending on the need and availability.

Getting started

Email us at to discuss your application development needs.  We’ll connect you with the appropriate team of experts.


Time and materials pricing is dependent upon each project’s needs.  In some cases, the initial consultation and a project estimate may be provided free of charge.

Service Options

  • User experience and user interface consultation
  • Website development
  • Content management system (CMS) integration (e.g. WiscWeb, WordPress, Drupal)
  • Learn@UW / Learning management system integration
  • Mobile, web and application development
  • Database and data integration development
  • Project management
  • Custom visual design, leveraging UW templates and brand guidelines when appropriate
  • Social media, video, animation and immersive user experiences

Available to

  • Administrators
  • Departments
  • Faculty
  • Instructors
  • Researchers
  • Staff

Service category