UW-IT Connects


UW-IT Connects initiative recognizes that people are the highest value of a successful information and technology enterprise. The UW-IT Connects group, sponsored by the Office of the CIO and Vice Provost of Information Technology in partnership with campus affiliates, addresses areas of professional development and networking by creating events and programming to enable a diverse set of opportunities for the community to engage.

Programs & Groups

I &T Leadership Conference

The Information & Technology Leadership Conference (I&TLC) is an on-campus conference occurring annually since 2013. The ITLC delivers to information technology professionals diverse perspectives on leadership, information, technology and other professional development topics from a mix of national, regional, and local speakers.

Explore the 2016 I&TLC speakers, sessions and more.

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UW-IT Mentoring

A mentoring program that enables new or current employees to establish a relationship with a peer who has skills, knowledge and experiences in a comparable IT environment or can address specific areas of need for the mentee. Mentors can be within or outside of the employee’s immediate work unit or division to foster an environment of positive relationship building within the campus IT community and professional network.

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UW Women in IT (UW-WIT)

This group serves as advocates for the recruitment, retention and advancement of women within the field of Information Technology. This community of 330+ women supports the purpose of UW-WIT through participation in professional development and networking events.

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ITLP Forward

This group supports incoming Information Technology Leadership Program (ITLP) cohorts with activities that address questions, supplemental program work and reinforces goals of giving back to campus through service and leadership. Graduating ITLP cohorts reach out to incoming ITLP cohorts with regular activities

that engage them throughout the formal part of their program and prepare them to step up and

lead on campus information and technology priorities and programs.

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Leadership Improv

Leadership Improv provides a monthly opportunity to learn and practice improvisational skills through active participation in exercises and skits to help tackle difficult leadership situations experienced in technology professional’s daily work. This program is intended to build on the curriculum and concepts shared at the Information Technology Leadership Program (ITLP) and promotes improvisational skills as a recommended leadership competency. This group meets every last Friday of each month from 12:00-1:15, except November and December due to holidays.

The community co-chairs are Sean Bossinger and Jason Erdmann.

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Leadership Breakfast

This program is in it’s 4th year of providing a speaker series aimed to deliver timely leadership topics and presentations for the UW-Madison information and technology community. The series focuses on engaging the campus IT community through professional development and networking opportunities that bring our communities together to gain deeper trust, understanding, and perspectives.

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