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Last updated November 23, 2020

How to get accessibility assistance and services at UW–Madison. For more information about accessibility at UW–Madison more broadly, go to Accessibility at UW–Madison.


Where to go for help


Assistance to support academically-required accommodations and disability support services.

Student studying in their dorm room


Work-related accommodations or support are coordinated by the employee's local Divisional Disability Representative.

UW-Madison employees at work

Campus, building and facility accessibility

The UW–‍Madison facility access program provides:

  • Physical accessibility for persons with disabilities on campus
  • Review of construction plans for code compliance and accessibility
  • Accommodation requests from students and employees related to facilities and transportation
  • Accessibility information for facility managers and UW programs and departments

Vendor product accessibility

See the latest accessibility and usability evaluations of technology products used at UW–‍Madison.

Procuring technology

In order to ensure accessibility, decisions about which products to procure must consider accessibility early and throughout the process.

Procure accessible technology

Accessibility evaluations

Evaluate your website, application, multimedia assets, digital documents, and software and plan to resolve accessibility barriers.

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