Color wheel with the words "Color Theory"

Color theory: Using color to enhance your design

Whether you design for print or digital (or both!), the use of color in your design supports the user experience. At the May 20 UW Design Community session, come gain some insight on color meaning, harmony and how it influences the various aspects of user experience, accessibility and interface design. You’ll learn some tips and tricks for how to think about color in your own work at UW‍–‍Madison and at home.

For this session, we’ll be joined by Al Nemec, web operations manager within the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, and Kedar Joyner, product designer within the Division of Information Technology’s Web Platforms & Services group. Al is part of a team responsible for websites like and Kedar works closely with the UW WordPress theme and is responsible for the beautiful slides we share with you during each Design Community session.

May 20 event details

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—Laura Grady and Felipe Gacharná, UW Design Community