University of Wisconsin–Madison

Academic Technology

DoIT Academic Technology (DoIT AT) advances the University’s mission, strategic priorities, and the Wisconsin Idea by working with faculty, staff and students to help them wisely apply technology to current and future academic environments.

Through collaboration and partnerships, with a commitment to service and innovation, we bridge technologies, people, and day-to-day work practices to enable 21st Century digital literacy, manage our resources, and evaluate our practices.

To learn more about our work and role on campus, visit our website at or check out the high-level overview of the DoIT Academic Technology Services (PDF) we offer.

Contact the Director of Academic Technology: Linda Jorn

What we do

Design & Development

We want to help foster the practice of effective and innovative technology-enhanced teaching and learning. We provide expert consultation, support, and development to support your work in teaching, learning, and research.

Expertise & Capabilities


We support a variety of internal and external partners, including the Libraries, UW System, and diverse populations of high school students.

Expertise & Capabilities


We provide a wide range of free and low-cost training opportunities for students, faculty, and staff. Topics range from office productivity, database administration, graphic design, operating systems, web development, and more. If you have a training need, we can address it—either in our scheduled hands-on classroom sessions or via a custom session tailored to your needs.

Expertise & Capabilities