Last updated on August 31, 2022

Globus is a web-based platform for research that supports secure data sharing, big data transfers, and data lifecycle automation. Globus connects disparate storage systems together through locally-installed endpoints that are accessible through the web and shareable through a federated identity management system that allows secure sharing with collaborators at other institutions.



  • Must be a UW-Madison faculty, staff, or student.
  • Secure access and management of data at UW-Madison is subject to the Cybersecurity risk management policy UW-503. As stated in policy UW-503, it is the responsibility of the faculty and staff to understand the security risk associated with their data projects. Proper classification of data and consequently proper use of storage tools for their research work, teaching/learning and administration is the responsibility of the researcher/faculty/staff.
  • Additional security controls are required to use restricted data like HIPAA or CUI with Globus. Restricted data may only be stored, with approval, in specific Globus Endpoints that have access managed by authorized data administrators. In addition, workstations used to access and store PHI must meet specific security guidelines. See the Office of Cybersecurity Risk Management and Compliance for more details.

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