Network electronics UPS backup power

Last updated on August 24, 2022

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) to support DoIT network electronics for departments that would like to install UPS equipment in their building’s intermediate distribution frames (IDF) or main distribution frames (MDF) a.k.a. “wiring closets.”


  • Provide backup power in the event of utility power failure.


  • The Department is responsible for the cost (including battery replacement at least every 3 years per manufacture recommendations), procurement, and warranty issues related to the UPS equipment.
  • DoIT will reserve the right to move network equipment back to building power at any time to protect the integrity of the network.
  • DoIT will be responsible for support and routine maintenance.
  • The Department must use DoIT Network Services recommended UPS equipment to support the building specific network electronics. If UPS equipment is to be installed in the IDF or MDF, it must be provided for ALL of the networking equipment in that location.
  • DoIT will provide for the sizing of UPS equipment, based on the power draw for the network electronics and desired uptime. The UPS equipment is intended for NextGen Campus Network electronics only.
  • DoIT engineers and Field Services Staff will take responsibility for the installation of UPS equipment (including battery replacement), ensuring the DoIT NOC is aware of the planned install.
  • The Department must notify the DoIT NOC of any activity that may interrupt power to the network equipment.
  • DoIT will be responsible for the monitoring of the UPS status.

Getting started

  • Any questions related to the use of UPS equipment for support of NextGen Campus Network electronics should be forwarded to the DoIT Help Desk at 264-4357 or
  • If you have need for UPS equipment and would like to request a recommendation for equipment please complete this survey.

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  • IT Staff

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