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WiscVPN (Virtual Private Network) software allows eligible users to access University resources even when they are using a commercial ISP. It accomplishes this by establishing an encrypted tunnel between a home/remote PC and the campus network. All campus-bound traffic is routed through the tunnel with a campus IP address, making that traffic appear to be originating from on-campus.


  • Since wireless networks are notoriously insecure, using VPN can give you another layer of security and protection, particularly when you’re sending sensitive information.

Getting started

Download the WiscVPN tool you need based on your operating system.


  • Dynamic IP Addresses:
    Each time you make a connection using the WiscVPN client, you may be assigned a different campus IP address. Most WiscVPN users will likely find that a dynamic IP address meets their needs.
  • Static IP Addresses:
    A few network resources need to be locked down so that only specific IP addresses are allowed to access them. The Static IP service will reserve a specific IP address which will always be used for your WiscVPN connection.


WiscVPN is a free service.

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