Cellular service (mobile)

Last updated on December 4, 2023

DoIT offers smartphones, basic phones, mobile hotspots and cellular-connected tablets for University use. We can also help you find a device and plan that’s right for you and your department’s budget.


  • Order any phone offered by select providers
  • Discounts on many phones


  • UW-provided phones are for university business only; personal calls are not allowed.
  • Upon leaving employment, the employee must return the mobile device to his or her department.
  • You must be authorized to place mobile service orders.

Getting started

Terms of use

University-funded cellular service policy


  • Cellular services - Choose from Verizon or U.S. Cellular services and purchase any phone offered. For new and eligible upgrades, rates are often discounted with the exception of Apple devices. Note: Verizon has a 10-month upgrade policy; U.S. Cellular has a 24-month upgrade policy.
  • Paging services - DoIT does not support a paging service, but you can order service through the State of Wisconsin non-mandatory contracts.


See our pricing guide.

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