Identity and Access Management

IAM provides UW–‍Madison with a suite of services and underlying infrastructure allowing for the right people to have access to the right services at the right time. We provide the following services to campus:

Integration Consulting

Integration consulting is provided as a service to support application providers in designing and making decisions on how their application will consume and use identity data. This may include decisions around how applications will provision and de-provision users and what kind of identity data is needed to meet the business needs of the application.

Directory Services

Directory Services provides a centralized Active Directory instance. Participating departments take advantage of centralized NetID-based authentication while allowing for delegated administration of local resources. Directory services also includes SUN/Linux LDAP service.

Identity Data Integration

Identity data integration (IDI) is available for applications with a specific need for information about UW Madison students, faculty or staff. This service facilitates the management of identity data specifically intended for use in identification, authentication, authorization, and contact management.

Enterprise Grouping Service (Manifest)

Manifest provides the ability to manage access to IT systems for groups of people. Users are able to create and maintain their own groups or use data sources to drive group creation and maintenance. Users are also able to invite users without a NetID to create a NetID via Manifest.

Multi-Factor Authentication (Duo)

Multi-factor authentication strengthens access security by requiring multiple methods (also referred to as factors) to verify your identity. These factors can include something you know – like your NetID and password, plus something you have – like a smartphone app, a token/fob, or a tablet to verify your identity and approve authentication requests.

NetID Account Utilities

NetID Account tools provide user with the ability to activate and modify a UW Madison NetID to access IT systems.

NetID Login

Provides authentication for UW Madison IT systems. The NetID Login services allows web application administrators a safe, reliable way to access user data without setting up their own authentication and authorization system.

Profile Data Management

Allows users to modify their digital profiles. Users may set a preferred name and enter local emergency contact information.

Web Services

Allow applications to integrate with the IAM infrastructure. Web Services include UDS Person Web Services, Photo Service and NetID/Credential Management.

White Pages

This service provides basic phone, address and email information about employees and students. It is accessible via several protocols.

InCommon Federation: Participation Operational Practices

InCommon provides a trust framework that allows access to online resources for U.S. education and research. InCommon allows end-users to access a wide variety of protected services with a single credential, which is managed by the their home institution. InCommon uses SAML-based authentication and authorization systems such as Shibboleth to enable federated access to services across institutional boundaries and with external service providers.