Network Services

DoIT Network Services is responsible for the data, video, voice and network infrastructure on campus. We provide on-campus, certain off-campus locations, and the Universities of Wisconsin with Internet and research network connectivity. We also provide the campus wireless network, remote access systems, cable TV services, telephone and messaging services, and all physical network infrastructure for network connectivity.

The delivered and supported network deployed in over 160 on-campus buildings is broad, including around 17,500 access points and growing, 2,500 Edge and Data Center switches providing general network access, distributed data center and research networks to multiple locations, 50 routers, 20 firewalls, and support for most departments on campus as well as an expanding number of off-campus locations

Director of Network Services: Patrick Christian

What we do

Bascom Hall with wifi radio waves emitting outward

Campus Network Services

Responsible for the campus data network, including design and operation of the campus access, aggregation and backbone network, campus Wireless, firewalls and services such as remote access VPN and BAN building automation network.

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Wide Area Network Group

Responsible for Internet access to campus and certain off-campus facilities, connectivity between UW–‍System campuses and special purpose research, and education national and international network connections. The Wide Area Network group also maintains campus DNS services, network monitoring & management tools and provides certain research support services.  Responsible for contracting and operating a metropolitan, statewide and several regional facilities-based (dark fiber) telecommunication carrier grade transport networks.

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Network Applications

Network Applications provides support for Unified Communications (primarily Cisco-based), including VoIP, contact center solutions, Enhanced-911 campus systems and Webex conferencing.  Network Applications also provides cellular and mobility services via major carriers on the State of Wisconsin contract, as well as cable TV services (linear and streaming).  Additionally, developers specialized in networking provide software application development and integration to support automation, configuration, monitoring and maintenance of the network.

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Infrastructure Network

Responsible for all physical network infrastructure. This includes fiber connectivity from campus buildings to backbone aggregation points, internal building fiber connectivity between telecommunication closets, and horizontal copper cabling for end devices such as desktop computers, printers, wireless access points, access control panel, building automation connections, IoT, etc.

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Field Services

Field Services is responsible for project work and the operational management of the campus voice, data, wireless and CATV networks. Our work is performed in and around the more than 180 buildings within the contiguous campus framework and 20 or so off-campus locations where we provide telecommunications and 24×7 incident response along with daily operational and long term project support.

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Operational Engineering – Level II Support

Operation Engineers provide 24×7 support for the wired and wireless networking for UW–‍Madison departments both on and off campus. Primary responsibilities include second level support and monitoring of departmental staff networks for both on-campus and off. Escalates to Campus engineers or vendor TAC as necessary.