University of Wisconsin–Madison

Network Services

Network Services is responsible for the data, video, voice and network infrastructure on campus. We provide campus and UW System Internet and research network connectivity, the campus wireless network, remote access systems, cable TV services, telephone and messaging services and all physical network infrastructure for network connectivity.

Director of Network Services: Jeanne Skül

Campus Network Services

Responsible for the campus data network, including design and operation of the campus backbone, campus Wireless and remote access systems such as the VPN concentrator and modem pool.

Wide Area Network Group

Responsible for campus Internet and research network connectivity. The Wide Area Network group also maintains network monitoring tools and oversees deployment and support of cable TV services.

Voice Services

Responsible for the effective administration of State of WI Department of Administration contracts for Centrex, Cellular and Automatic Call Distribution. Voice Services also owns and maintains systems for Directory Assistance, Voice Mail, Integrated Messaging, Broadcast Messaging and billing/order fulfillment of all voice services.

Infrastructure Network

Responsible for all physical network infrastructure. This includes all fiber used to connect campus buildings, within building fiber, horizontal cabling and telecommunications rooms.

Policies and Standards