Learning Analytics Center of Excellence

Last updated on December 15, 2023

The Learning Analytics Center of Excellence, or LACE, is a dynamic data team. The professionals in this service provide expertise on how to leverage teaching and learning data to better support educational practices on campus.

LACE has two primary areas of focus:

  • Support of data empowered educational practices, including learning analytics
  • Stewardship of the teaching and learning data domain

LACE collaborates on strategic teaching and learning data initiatives aimed at sustained data-driven practices that maintain and enhance student learning. These strategic initiatives, prioritized by a broad range of campus partners, take place throughout the university, within and across schools, colleges, divisions, and programs. Our work is grounded in our core values: shared governance; public mission to serve others through research, education and service; and a culture and history of innovation, creativity, and collaboration.

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Getting started

If you are interested in obtaining updated information about learning analytics opportunities and events on campus, please join the UW–‍Madison Learning Analytics team or email LearningAnalytics@office365.wisc.edu and request to be added to the group.

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  • Administrators
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  • Researchers

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