Last updated on March 27, 2024

Honorlock is an automated proctoring solution that helps instructors foster academic integrity when providing remote assessments to students. Honorlock is designed for assessments built in the Canvas learning management system (LMS), particularly in Canvas Quizzes. It also works with third-party assessment tools that are integrated with Canvas, such as Atomic Assessments and publisher Digital Learning Tools. Honorlock can also be used solely as a lockdown browser in cases where full, artificial intelligence-based proctoring is not needed.

Honorlock is part of the Learn@UW suite of learning technologies. More information about Honorlock, updates and events are available on the DoIT Academic Technology website.

Getting started

Honorlock is available in Canvas to all for-credit courses found in the UW–‍Madison Course Guide. To start using Honorlock, you first need to unhide the Honorlock link in Canvas as outlined in Enabling Honorlock in Canvas. Once this is done, you can start setting up exams to use Honorlock for proctoring as outlined in this Honorlock video.

For guidelines, FAQ’s, use case scenarios and other resources, visit UW–‍Madison’s Student Learning Assessment Team’s Honorlock page.


Honorlock is available at no cost.

Key features

  • Seamless integration with Canvas Quizzes/New Quizes and third-party tools in Canvas, including publisher Digital Learning Tools and Atomic Assessments
  • Lockdown browser capabilities, which prevent students from opening up other webpages and applications during their exam
  • Student behaviors and activity during their exam tracked using a Chrome browser extension, webcam and microphone
  • Student behaviors flagged as possible acts of academic misconduct by artificial intelligence (AI), which the instructor can review after the student completes the exam
  • Multiple exam settings, including the lockdown browser, a 360-degree room scan requirement, or allowance of specific URLs acceptable for use during the exam can be enabled


Honorlock technical support is provided by the vendor. For direct support, please use Honorlock’s chat feature directly in Canvas, call their support phone number at (844) 243-2500, or email support@honorlock.com.

The Division for Teaching & Learning, in partnership with the Learn@UW–‍Madison service, provides consultative support, hands-on training and other resources. You can schedule a consultation by contacting the DoIT Help Desk. In addition, the Learn@UW–‍Madison KnowledgeBase offers helpful documents.

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