University of Wisconsin–Madison

Video hosting (Kaltura)

Kaltura MediaSpace is an open-source platform that provides a campus branded media site.

Available to


  • Easy-to-use interface for uploading, hosting and delivering media rich content, including instructional videos
  • Integrates with Desire2Learn (Learn@UW) and Moodle
  • UW-Madison owns any data hosted through Kaltura
  • Kaltura can do simple screen and webcam recording
  • Uploaded content can be restricted to specific campus users
  • Supports caption integration with third party services (3Play Media, Automatic Sync Technologies)
  • Kaltura can handle larger files with ease
  • Video content is available for any online device (mobile, tablet, etc.)


  • For UW-Madison-related use only
  • End users are responsible for copyright infringements

Getting started

Access MediaSpace for video tutorials on how to use Kaltura. The video tutorials can be found on the MediaSpace homepage.