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Getting started with tech for researchers

  3 minutes to read | Last updated September 26, 2016

UW-Madison ranks as one of the most prolific research universities in the world. The research happening on our campus ranges from experimenting in the lab to cure diseases, to analyzing the mysteries of the universe, to studying neutrinos in the South Pole, to high throughput computing. And that’s just scratching the surface! No matter what the research is, technology plays a key role. This guide is meant to be a high level overview of the technologies provided by UW-Madison that may help you with your research.

A great starting point is your local IT staff (if available). They may have great information about the resources you have locally to help with your research. Additionally, Campus Computing Infrastructure (CCI) staff can answer any questions you may have and connect you with the right group. Contact CCI at

Basic resources


Computers, hardware,

DoIT Tech Store

Speedometer pegged over wifi symbol

High-speed networking, internet


Email, calendaring

Campus-wide email & calendaring

Office 365

Downloading software from cloud

Free & low-cost software

Learn more

Cloud storage

50GB free collaborative storage


Advanced Resources

Computing to the edges

Large-scale computing resources

Center for High
Throughput Computing

Computers shared

Shared computing

Advanced Computing Initiative

Server stack

Server, hosting, storage,

Campus Computing Infrastructure

Checked selection on page

Survey feedback

Learn more

Tablet with W

Collect research data

Electronic lab notebook

Browser window

Free research-website hosting

DoIT web hosting

Other key resources

Shield with document

Gather, distribute, preserve materials


Gear circled by arrows

Division of Information Technology

Learn more

Guide doc with info

Institutes for Discovery researcher info

Research Resource Guide

Get research help

The Campus Computing Infrastructure (CCI) initiative staff can also answer any questions you may have, or connect you with the right group.

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