University of Wisconsin–Madison

Training for faculty and staff

Faculty and staff have access to a variety of technology classes to stay current on software programs. Check out the following training opportunities available.

In addition, instructors can work with Software Training for Students to help students learn software that will be used for a course. Trainers design and deliver custom technology workshops as part of the curriculum.


  • Free and affordable training options
  • Large selection of technology courses
  • Online courses available 24/7
  • Custom workshops and classes

Getting started

Want to take a class?

Are you an instructor who would like a custom workshop for your students?
Software Training for Students work with instructors to design and deliver custom technology workshops as part of the curriculum.

Are you looking for enterprise software training?
As campus introduces new enterprise software, trainings will be offered through DoIT on an as-needed-basis

Do you want to have access to the Authorized Agent Network Tool Suite (AANTS)?
Online training is provided through the Canvas learning management system so that UW-Madison staff members can learn the proper cable management techniques and processes for the AANTS software used to manage network services. Log into the Canvas course.


Through UW-Madison’s contract, LinkedIn Learning online trainings are free to students, faculty and staff.

Faculty and staff can take in-person training through New Horizons and Directions Training. Both of these companies offer courses at a discounted price due to our partnerships. The negotiated prices are noted when you visit the New Horizon’s UW-Madison portal and Directions Training’s State of Wisconsin page.

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